SG 553

The SIG SG553 is an extremely flexible, very compact and light primary intervention weapon for Special Forces and the field of Law Enforcement in calibre 5.56 mm x 45 NATO (.223 Rem.). Due to its robust design, compact dimensions, its outstanding precision and the ability to aim rapidly, it is ideally suited for use in short to medium distance up to 300 meters. In all types of environment and terrain from desert, jungle or in arctic climate zones the performance is outstanding. For Close Protection and Counter Terrorism duties, this weapon is easy to conceal and operate.



- Gas operated

- Gas valve adjustable in two possible positions with round bolt

- 5,56 x 45 mm NATO

- Cold hammered forged barrel

- Ambidextrous handling

- Three firing modes: semi auto, 3 round burst, full auto

(also exclusively available as semi-automatic version)

- Adjustable diopter rear sight, front sight with cover

- Retractable Swiss Army butt stock optionally with adjustable butt stock

- Optional M1913 accessory rail

- Semitransparent polymer magazine, 30% more lightweight than metal


SG 553 LB (Long Barrel) /

SG 553 SB (Short Barrel)

5,56 mm (.223 Rem.)

Overall length
822 mm/32,36" (LB), 730 mm/28,74" (SB)

Overall hight
210 mm/8,27"

Length with butt stowed
593 mm/23,35" (LB), 501 mm/19,72" (SB)

Barrel length LB (with flash hider)
347 mm/13,66"

Barrel length SB (without flash hider)
227 mm/8,94"

Rifling Lead
178 mm/7 (LB), 254 mm/10 (SB)

No. of grooves

Sight base
339 mm/13,35"

Weapon weight
3,4 kg/7.5 lbs. (LB), 3,2 kg/7.1 (SB)

Magazine capacity
5, 10, 20, 30

Mag. Weight with 20, 30 rounds
340 g/11.99 oz., 480 g/16.93 oz.

Combat weight with 120 rounds
5,4 kg/11.90 lbs (LB), 5,2 kg/11.46 lbs (SB)

Weight of empty mag. 20, 30 rounds
95 g/3.35 oz., 110 g/3.38 oz.

Trigger pull weight
35 N (3,5 kg)

Muzzle energy
1480 J (LB), 1240 J (SB)

Cyclic rate
approx. 700-800 rounds/min (LB),
approx. 700-850 rounds/min (SB)

Function principle
Gas operated

Bolt pattern
Rotating bolt

Long Barrel (LB), Short Barrel (SB)